Life as an Anarcha-Feminist

"freedom must come from and through asserting herself as a pesonality, and not as a sex commodity..."

How hard it is not to be an ‘Angry Feminist’!

I find myself in conflict a lot of the time not to want to KILL MEN!


Yes a broad statement, but one that really needs to be said! It is so hard to not utterly hate that sex which generally in society drains me, oppresses me, makes living just unbearable and frustrating! Now on my better days, when I have a little bit more patience, I know that some men (the minority) are not absolute CUNTS. Some men have intelligence to look over the gender binary, the separate spheres which isolate women and men. Some have the ability to see above the feminine construction which deems us inferior beings, only capable of uncontrollable, irrational emotion, maternal instincts, high heels, submissive sexuality, domestic chores and the colour pink. 


BUT, most lack this intelligence, this education that is so necessary. Predominantly it is because the hegemonic, patriarchal ideology of our society does not allow these men to see these fake gender constructions. However why should I pay for men’s incapability to acknowledge us as the same! 


I try and be the better person, to not isolate men from feminism, by being an angry feminist. I seek instead to be approachable, to entice, re-educate and include men in feminism and women’s oppression. But sometimes I do not see why I bother, as sometimes I wonder is it worth it? Sometimes I would love to just say to men ‘FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING PRICK WITH YOUR PHALLUS, ALL OF YOU!’ 


I was reading some of the ‘SCUM Manifesto’ today with my male companions. Now when I read this manifesto, all of it was speaking out to me. I was scrolling through the description of men, and thinking to myself ‘oh I wish I was less patient to say that all men were walking abortions’. Maybe if I degraded men, how men have and do degrade women, I would gain some power over them? Some of it I will reiterate and agree with, because you know what the majority of men in my lifetime have been absolute pricks! Most men have seen and treated me (consciously or unconsciously) as a second class citizen. I am sick of men calling women slag’s or bitches for no apparent reason, most commonly when a woman asserts any kind of power, authority or challenge. I am sick of rape having the power it does over a woman’s body, in that is social conditions us on how to behave. For example, in the western world rape is used as a social device to discourage women  for walking out late at night, getting drunk, flirting and many other social situations. I am sick of rape being used as a political weapon to dehumanise women in warfare. I am sick of women not being able to have the same social aspiration, freedoms, and attitudes that men enjoy. I am sick of men’s ego, attitude, and their obsession with their small, inadequate dicks! I am not playing the victim card here, because I and many, other women, are NOT victims. However it does not exempt from the fact that we are treated as victims and second class humans, and that attaining any kind of power is fucking hard!


An example of where my frustration boiled over today is when a discussion about homosexuality occurred. A comment was deliberated about whether gay men became gay from social environments. More specifically whether being a gay man was because you were influenced too much by women. Now I hate this insinuation for two reasons: firstly that suggesting that homosexuality is a mutation, not a legitimate, biological occurrence. Secondly, and most importantly, it suggests that being homosexual is being like a woman. And why would you want to be like a woman? Spending too much time with women is contagious like a disease. Being a gay man is apparently being feminine, why would you want to be feminine, why would you want to be a woman? This is constantly reiterated within society with such phrases as ‘man up’ and ‘stop crying like a girl’! 


And even though this annoyed, my real frustration developed when I realised that being a gay woman was disregarded. You would not say being a gay woman was because you were socially influenced by men too much, would you? It seems in this instance that gay women are just ignored. They are women for a start, and they are women who do not want to be heterosexual. They are women who do not want or seek to be penetrated by a man. So in being a gay woman, it was like you were forgotten. So along with all the fucking awful stereotypes of gay women which exist, you are also forgotten, you are no longer legitimate. 


So when I read ‘SCUM Manifesto’ and have had a long gruelling day of watching the news and seeing another fellow woman being killed in Saudi Arabia because she had an affair, and someone calls my friend a slag because she slept with over 10 people, and I am pressured constantly to adhere to a feminine construction otherwise I am isolated from society, you know what… I want to tell men to FUCK OFF BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL LIVING ABORTIONS! 

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